KIckstarter alone has raised over $1 Billion dollars in crowdfunding since 2009!

Crowdfunding Made Easy will explain Crowdfunding and The Top 25 sites for Crowdfunding Projects!

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Want to Get Started Now? Talk with Dr. Wright for 3 Ideas on How to Get Funded Quickly! 

 There are a lot of great ideas and dreams that need funding. Crowdfunding is a great option when you plan it right. Learn, Layout and Launch is the best strategy. Everyone needs to learn about the six kinds of crowdfunding, how they work and which one is best for your project. Then you need some planning to create the best campaign you can; the next step is to launch and start raising money. Many people fail because they are missing this simple plan. You've seen the projects where people didn't raise the money. There is no worst feeling in the world than having your project ignored and raising no money. People think your business is about to fail or that your project is no good. You can waste a lot of time begging people on social media to "make it happen for them." That does not have to be you!

A 20-minute conversation with Dr. Wright can make all the difference in the world! You'll have a better understanding of how to be a successful crowdfunder, three great ideas to raise the money you want and clear cut next steps to raising your money! It's time to fund the dream, let's get started!

Want to Get Started Now? Talk with Dr. Wright for 3 Ideas on How to Get Funded Quickly! 

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Your 20 minute appointment will give you 3 great ideas and next steps to get started raising money! 

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