2019 Crowdfunding Blueprint:
  The Ultimate Step by Step Live Training for
Crowdfunding Success 

Sell 400% More with Crowdfunding

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“This Live  Full Day Training Will Turn Your Crowdfunding Successful and Into Cash!  .”

For Those Who Feel Frustrated , Underpaid, And Confused About Crowdfunding...Discover How My Students In Over 13 Different Countries Are Writing Their Own Paychecks In An Untapped Market With This ONE Skill

Everyone has heard about Business Crowdfunding. 

They may not know that in 2018 Business Crowdfunding made $289 Billion Dollars for people, or that now Business Crowdfunding is one of the top 3 ways people use to fund their business when they get started. But people do know it's big and growing. 

The problem is, almost no one knows anyone who has been successful in making money with crowdfunding.

They don't any one personally who will share with them the actual details of their crowdfunding experience and give them the up-close and personal details. It's easy to read some books, but you still don't have the actual experience of doing the crowdfunding. So your skill level is low even after you have read several books. You can study and ready several Kickstarter campaigns but you can only study them from the outside. You don't know who they were connected to, how much money they spent, how much preparation was made and what they actually did. You only know what they care to share publicly. And that's not enough to go on.

There is ONE factor that leads to failure - lack of planning or poor planning. 

People actually don't know HOW to plan for their crowdfunding cash- and I'm here to help.

What You'll Discover In This Live Full Day Training -
That Will Allow You to Successfully Create Crowdfunding Cash
And Use Crowdfunding Without Looking Like Your Business is Going Down!     

Business Crowdfunding means access to cash to more and more people.

Before  Karen decided to go for a business loan, she crowdfunded her business idea which was going to be a skin care product.. 
It took a few months to however she was able to create over $200,000 in cash for her business. She was able to prove that people wanted her product. Not only did they buy but they gave her feed back and testimonies. She was also able to find out which product sold the least and eliminate it from her business, saving her money. She was not going to lose money by making that product and then having a hard time selling it. 

When she went to a bank for a loan, she was able to show that she had revenue. She had money coming in and expanding made sense. Even though she was a new business, they could see there was money and project her ability to get and repay the business loan. 

​Business crowdfunding can make other parts of your business work well, but it takes a good plan to make it happen. 

We worked on that plan 6 months before she applied for a business loan.


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 Create a Business Crowdfunding plan that is customized .


The Live Event covers all your meals: Time to meet and connect with others


Launch your plan and have cash come into your business 

I Want You To Take a Moment and Imagine How Your Life and Business 
Would Be Different If You...

 Received personal, detailed guidance from a 7+ year entrepreneur who has helped individual FOUNDERS raise millions of dollars for their business. 

 If you're tired of going at it alone, always trying to figure out what works and what doesn't by yourself and know you could benefit from surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs and 'Icons of Influence' who WANT to help you succeed.... you're on this page for a reason. 

This Event is July 13, 2019  in Claremont California-

This full day event is a $1,997 investment.  

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    Business Crowdfunding is NOT intuitive: But it can be learned and repeated! 
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    65% of Business Crowdfunding Fails: Because people don't know how to use it, Meanwhile in the industry, people are raising millions of dollars for their companies every day. 
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    Once you create your own plan, you'll be able to tweak it and re-use it over and over again: There is no limit to how many times you can crowdfunding.   

Our Full Day Live Event Will Guide You as  You Plan...

Forget everything you think you know about Business Crowdfunding, you're about to find out how the Cash is Made!

Here's What Your Full Day Training Includes .

​You'll be clear on your Business Crowdfunding Project and Understand Your Why: The key to success, because it's more than just money. 

All meals are included,  so you can spend time meeting other classmates and staying focused on YOUR BUSINESS

Yes, Now it's Finally Time for the
 “2019 Crowdfunding Blueprint”


The Ultimate Step by Step Training for Crowdfunding Success

This Live Training is to Implement a Proven Crowdfunding Strategy

You'll :

Be Clear on YOUR Project- what part of the business you are crowdfunding

You'll have your Why- it's not just for money!

You'll have a budget- you'll know what it costs to reach your goal!

You'll be ready to build your team- Who do you need on the team to help you?

You'll have your unique business story- this informs your marketing -AND NO,  IT'S NOT WHY YOU STARTED YOUR BUSINESS AND HOW YOU GOT STARTED!

You'll Crowdfunding Video Formula so the videos work to make you money. 

You'll have a marketing plan and many other things to make your crowdfunding a success. 

All meals are included for the full day, live event

This Event is July 13, 2019  in Claremont California-

This full day event is a $1,997 investment.  

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" Good evening, Dr. Wright I just wanted to take a moment to check in. My campaign sailed smoothly and I noted what I want to do differently for the next one. I am leaving my campaign open until the deadline, and I have gotten some offline sponsorship from friends as well. I cannot thank you enough for what you have taught me. :-)



Apply for the Class With a Call, Free, No Risk!

Apply for the LIVE TRAINING With a Call- Find Out If You Are a Good  Fit 


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